Developing our ability to adapt to change, build our resilience and engage with others remotely and in changing environments.

As we emerge into a new working world, we are faced with new challenges across communication, business development, service delivery and engagement. The LEAP Virtual Development Programme provides tools and techniques to overcome these challenges and build confidence in moving business forward.

The LEAP development programme benefits anyone that is looking to review and refresh their current approach with their colleagues, Customers, Clients and indeed anyone that they have regular interaction with.

LEAP Programme Aims:

  • To develop employees with best practice skills, knowledge and behaviours to connect, communicate, build resilience and engage effectively in our changing environment.
  • To create a Peer to Peer connection forum, which offers support and development to individuals in similar roles.
  • To increase individual and team performance for now and the future through effective communication, resilience and engagement
The development journey includes:

  • The REFLECT Questionnaire for the delegate and the Manager to complete
  • Weekly virtual workshops with the LEAP trainer
  • Peer to peer group support
  • Handouts and supporting documents
  • 121 coaching and Management support

The 5 weekly virtual workshops are designed to be informative, relevant and interactive. They include social psychology research and recent findings, theories and anecdotal business stories shared by the LEAP trainer and also from the peer to peer discussions.

The Management LEAP Toolkit includes:

  • Manager Peer to Peer virtual workshop week 1, week 3 and week 5 to share key learning, thoughts and Management guidance for the Programme from the LEAP trainer
  • Management Handouts covering the core topics and learning points from the LEAP virtual workshops
  • Best Practice cribsheets for each weekly topic for the Manager to help guide and deliver individual feedback

Tailoring the learning to the individual including their role, market and development areas.

  • Explore the LEAP techniques, tools and best practices and apply relevantly with Colleagues, Customers and Clients
  • Create weekly individual action plans based on techniques that will have the biggest impact to the individual
  • Individual action plans from the virtual workshop and the weekly challenges
  • 121 support with the LEAP coach across the programme
  • Management support in applying learning through the management LEAP Toolkit

It takes roughly 28 days to create a habit and 3 months to make a life change.

  • Create new habits and see positive changes in relationships with Clients, Customers and internal colleagues
  • Demonstrate an increase in credible and confident conversations
  • Start more conversations, spot more opportunities for now and the future
  • Reduce potential conflict and frustration within the workplace and with Customers
  • Maintain and build business and therefore revenue

Get an insight into the LEAP Modules


Engagement is the starting point of communication. It is key to connect and gain positivity in every interaction to build relationships and ‘move’ people.


Listening is a powerful skill and even more so in our current climate. If we are working remotely or virtually, we don’t have body language cues so our listening skills are vital to identify what people are really saying and spot underlying concerns or barriers.

ADAPT: LEAP Week 3: 

In an ever-changing market, we need to be able to adapt and evolve quickly to offer the best solution or simply recognise that the individual doesn’t want a solution, they just want to be heard. Resilience is a key skill across this module and demonstrating a growth mindset to adapt effectively.


Often we can get stuck in a rut with our thinking and solution finding. To be the best that you can be, it is important to be flexible in thinking, open to ideas, seek new ideas and surround yourself with the people that will help you do this.


By the very nature of a changing working world, we will always get rejection, push back and frustration at some point. Not every interaction will be successful or smooth and it is key that we look to persevere and review self-strategies to move forwards positively.

Our LEAP Virtual Development Programme runs either Inhouse Development Programmes or Open Learning Programmes

  • 100% of delegates would recommend the Programme to their Peer Group
  • 100% of delegates felt that the programme was informative, relevant, interactive, enjoyable and interesting.

Our Internal LEAP Programme can start when you feel your teams are ready and we will adapt to you to get the best from it. Get in touch at to book on or find out more information.

“I have been on many leadership and management training sessions. The Leadership Programme covered recent and relevant material that was fascinating and I really enjoyed the programme. Thank you!”
“As a new leader in my business area, I found the Leadership Programme insightful, informative and beneficial. I have already taken steps to implement the learning and I feel more confident in my approach”

“Not only does Holly bring enthusiasm and positivity to a team, she provides a fully commercial approach, which consistently achieves results. She engages teams at all levels and actively seeks solutions to improve performance. I have always enjoyed working with Holly and found her to be supportive, personable and professional at all times”

Learning and Development Manager, Aston Martin

“The LEAP course delivered by Holly was both enjoyable and insightful. For me, it helps managers create a set of tools that genuinely help guide teams of people and their projects through tough times and unforeseen challenges that arise out of working remotely for long periods of time. I’d recommend to those looking to find new ways of thinking when you need that extra support and also help when the day to day contact we are so used to isn’t there.”

Head of Marketing, Global FMCG
“Holly developed a highly successful sales evaluation and development programme for the business, which continues to deliver accelerated revenue growth and a healthy ROI. Holly has a passion for sales and sales management, coupled with exceptional communication skills, as you would expect from such a strong trainer.”
Global HR Director, Reed

“I recently took part in the LEAP Virtual Development Programme. I found the content to be excellent and full of best practice in areas such as connect, communicate, resilience and engagement.

This was a virtual training course but the quality of the trainer and interactive approach allowed me to fully engage, not only with the subject matter but my peers as well.

Would definitely recommend it!”

Head of Supply Chain, Global FMCG
“When I asked Holly to provide some training for us, I knew her passion and dedication to the recruitment world would have a huge impact on my people. 2 years later, Holly feels like part of the team, she is frequently working with small groups, 121s and also handling on desk management observations. We have had direct results from the training she has delivered over the years and I can not recommend Holly enough – she is 100% focussed on her content and relevance and inspires my team to always want to deliver what they have learnt.”

“Thank you for a really interesting and valuable training programme.  I believe the entire programme was of benefit. Key areas include – Being part of a new group and the interaction, a well balanced programme which encouraged everyone to be engaged and take part. I would like my team to complete the LEAP programme.”

Head of Engineering, Global FMCG

“In the 15 years of working in recruitment, I can honestly say this training has added the most value for me and my team. We have delivered 5 successive Regional ‘Best Evers’ as a result of the changes we have embedded. So many of the team have delivered personal ‘Best Evers’ over the life of the programme and since – and overall my region is currently 38% ahead of last year on margin!”

Regional Manager , (Managing 6 offices across the UK)
“I have had the pleasure of attending training delivered by Holly and found her style to be thought provoking, challenging but above all very helpful. I worked with Holly when working on a project reviewing one of our assessment centres and the work Holly had designed and shared, has made a big difference to the way we evaluate. Without question, Holly is someone I would look to gain input from, as she always makes the time to give a considered opinion.”
Head of Internal Recruitment, Global Business