I find it fascinating how paths cross, ideas are sparked and executed, doors open, opportunities present themselves…. and often the common root of this comes from simply ‘saying yes’ and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Over the past 5 years I have been working with a range of Clients across all sectors and varying from SMEs to global corporate businesses. My specialism is Sales and Communication training, but I have experience in so much more and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on so many different varied projects in Learning and Development. There have definitely been times that I have ‘said yes’ to projects that I knew would be out of my comfort zone but as Carol Dweck talks about in her award-winning ‘Growth Mindset’ book, the power of saying yes and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will push you forward personally and professionally.

The key with Learning and Development is always to be open, innovative and listen out for new ideas, approaches and successful techniques to share and deliver to wider groups.

Don’t stick with the ‘same old’ for 10 years, just because that’s the way it’s always been done.

Times move on, technology changes, the economy changes, the business landscape changes, people want different things and have different needs. We can see this more than ever in 2020. This is relevant in most markets and saying ‘yes’ and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is more important than ever.

The Power of Pushing Yourself out of your Comfort Zone…

It is fascinating because in Sales, everyone has their own style, their own technique and their own approach. This is often accumulated over time through trial and error and often creates results, targets met and a steady pipeline. The risk of course is that we stick with those tried and tested methods and we stop pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and stretching ourselves to go from Good to Great. This can be applied to most disciplines, not just sales. The power of good training and development should never be underestimated, whether you are new to a sector or have a wealth of experience.

Great training can…

  • Provide new approaches or re-engage trusted techniques (I regularly hear professionals tell me that they stopped using a successful technique and they have no idea why)
  • Make small yet effective tweaks to an existing successful technique which will transform an approach
  • Re-energise and refocus professionals
  • Facilitate ideas and learning from the peer group as much as the facilitator
  • Simply provide the opportunity to step back, reflect and relook at what is going on that can be a gamechanger on moving forwards

Saying Yes Once Again… Sales and Marketing, Making an Impact Training

Sales and Marketing Workshop

If you saw my last blog, you will have seen that I have grown my knowledge and delivery of Virtual Training, which may I add, I am thoroughly enjoying! In the midst of my Virtual Training world, I was having a great conversation with Ed Ryder, the marketing guru from Biskit Ltd, about Sales and Marketing challenges. We were discussing the continued gap with Sales and Marketing strategies and teams, which causes so much loss in revenue, growth and conversion. Equally, people in Sales and Marketing roles often lean more towards one discipline than the other, which means that one gets less attention and the overall impact is reduced. Our conversation sparked a plan to support local businesses to help bridge the gap and pool our resources and knowledge through a Sales and Marketing Workshop…. Outdoors.

Our Outdoor Sales and Marketing Events for August and September 2020: What’s in it for you?

We want to do something different and really have an impact to Sales and Marketing Professionals, whether new or experienced. We will highlight the real Sales and Marketing essentials to maximise revenue, push business forwards and increase conversion. We will demonstrate the ‘quick wins’ of how Sales and Marketing can actually work together and bridge the gap.

Going Outdoors…

We want to bring people together to share ideas, thoughts, solutions and techniques, create a peer to peer group and work in a creative and innovative landscape. Support independent local businesses by enjoying locally produced food but also to work within social distancing guidelines – it will be a safe environment to learn on all levels.

We have partnered with the beautiful Yorkshire Heart Vineyard between Harrogate and York to host the Outdoor training event in beautiful surroundings. There is ample space to ensure social distancing and we will have small group sizes, which is actually a much more impactful way to learn. We do have a large undercover space should we need to use it onsite.

If you feel that you need to refresh your sales and marketing skills, you want both sides to work more cohesively or you want to have a greater impact in business development and growth… say yes and book on.

We would be delighted to have you join us!