The last few months have been a rollercoaster of emotions and a whirlwind of challenges, worries, hope, worries again and more hope. Like many families, at home it has been tough juggling life with two small children, business and the real worry of Covid-19.

In March, my business as I knew it came to a standstill. All training postponed, cancelled or on pause as we tried to adjust to life in lockdown and the ongoing uncertainty of the future. In the first few weeks, I just closed the door on it all temporarily so I could focus on my family and the gravity of the situation unfolding on the news. I then emerged with my usual positive and fighting spirit to try to work out what I was actually going to do with my business.

I went on many Zoom local business peer to peer forums and they were absolutely brilliant in keeping spirits high and creating hope in a very uncertain world. However, the uncertainty was still there and the word ‘pivot’ was used a lot!

I noticed on every forum, every call, every 121, that there were similar questions, challenges and concerns….

  • How can I sell to people when they are not buying?
  • It is so difficult to engage people when you are speaking to them virtually?
  • Without a team around us in the office, we really struggle with self-motivation and keeping positive.
  • I need to adapt my approach but I don’t know where to start
  • It is so difficult staying positive and resilient when my team are struggling to cope.
  • Just getting through today has been so hard, my mind is constantly scrambled
  • Engagement and communication are really difficult right now
  • Everyone is talking about pivoting our approach but where do I start
  • I need to be visible and approachable but where do I begin
  • They seem to have it together but I am a total mess (although on this last point, I would argue the people that seem to have it together probably feel the same way about you)

So as an L&D Specialist, I assessed my tool kit, skills, courses and materials and created a brand new virtual training programme with all these concerns and challenges at the forefront The LEAP Virtual Development Programme.

I created LEAP specifically for our current working world, its focused on helping individuals and teams to overcome these current challenges. It supports engagement, business development and business resilience. It offers tools and techniques to cope with the challenges that we are facing now. Importantly, it is also a peer to peer forum creating that invaluable support network that I have seen first-hand make such a difference to mindset and mental well-being as well as productivity and focus.

Moving into the virtual world is not easy!

Personally, I have always turned away from it, believing that virtual training cannot compare to training in an actual training room. I felt there were too many barriers to virtual training to really gain true learning…. I was wrong. I invested in my own train the train virtual training course and wow… my eyes were opened. I learnt so much through that training and my fellow professional trainers that were on the same journey were amazing. I realised that virtual training could offer a great learning environment, it could be interactive and participant focused rather than a presentation delivered by a trainer and importantly it could be really engaging!

It totally changed my perspective and LEAP was created as a 5 week virtual training programme focusing on 5 core Modules: ENGAGE, LISTEN, ADAPT, FLEXIBLE THINKING and PERSEVERANCE AND BUILD.

We have recently launched it with our Clients and it has been really well received and we have had great feedback. We have definitely taken the LEAP into the Virtual World!